SCOA League

The SCOA League is an annual competition between members of the region, based on scores from a series of events around the region. It runs between early Autumn and early Summer. Read more about the SCOA League.

SCOA League for 2014-15

SCOA League 2014-15 Prizegiving

The prizegiving for the 2014/15 SCOA League in planned for the BKO event at Bucklebury on Sunday 8th November. This is rather later than usual, but this is the first SCOA League event of the 2015/16 season.


League Event change

BKO's event originally planned for 12th October has been moved to Sunday 26th October. This is due to the area not being available on the original date.

League Events

Event Details/Results Date Club
SCOL1 Everleigh 05-Oct-2014 SARUM
SCOL2 Kingswood 19-Oct-2014 TVOC
SCOL3 Black Park 26-Oct-2014 BKO
SCOL4 Pamber Forest 16-Nov-2014 BADO
SCOL5 Brockenhurst 07-Dec-2014 SOC
SCOL6 Shotover 21-Dec-2014 TVOC
SCOL7 Busketts Lawn 18-Jan-2015 SOC
SCOL8 Butterwood 29-Mar-2015 BADO
SCOL9 Hamptworth 12-Apr-2015 SARUM
SCOL10 Great Hampden 05-Jul-2015 TVOC