SCOA League

The SCOA League is an annual competition between members of the region, based on scores from a series of events around the region. It runs between early Autumn and early Summer. Read more about the SCOA League.

SCOA League for 2012-13

League Events

Event Details/Results Date Club
SCOL1 Kingswood 21-Oct-2012 TVOC
SCOL2 Chawton 18-Nov-2012 BADO
SCOL3 Wendover 16-Dec-2012 TVOC
SCOL4 Humbly Grove 06-Jan-2013 BADO
SCOL5 Kings Garn Gutter 17-Feb-2013 SOC
SCOL6 Hamptworth 12-May-2013 SARUM
SCOL7 Bloom Wood 19-May-2013 BKO
SCOL8 Coombe Hill 02-Jun-2013 TVOC
SCOL9 Micheldever 09-Jun-2013 BADO